One-way perspective, privacy protection (This is one way vision window film, suitable for home/residence/office glass. People outside can not see anything that is inside, due to it will be strongly reflective under the sunshine. But when someone is inside, and look outside, he can see it very clear. It will not block his view.


This will protect our privacy very well.)-Anti glare-Shatter Proof  -More than 80%-99% UV resistance, protect inside accessories from easily fading-Over than 20 colors, such as old silver/Brown Silver/Green silver/Blue silver/purple silver etc.

One-Way Tint  

It is with Impact Protection Adhesive strengthens glass by forming an invisible protective membrane on your glass.It helps to prevent glass from breaking and in the event it does break, it helps to hold that broken glass in place. Such film is designed to delay entry, not necessarily prevent it, giving you and emergency personnel more time to respond to a threat. 

Safety&Serurity Film   

It is mainly used in shopping malls, buildings. In the sunlight, there will produce a variety of colors, like a rainbow. This kind of film is used in the shopping mall, which will greatly improve the grade of the shopping mall.

Decorative Tint  

Photochromic film is a kind of window film that can intelligently adjust its own visible light transmittance with the increase of sunlight intensity, play the role of softening incoming light intensity, reduce glare, and has the characteristics of high heat insulation rate, transmission force, and high UV protection ability.

Photochromic Film  

Protect your home and business with Supremeshield Safety Security Window Film. Suitable for both commercial and residential applications, our safety film is specially engineered to perform in even the most adverse circumstances. It helps prevent property damage caused by vandalism, earthquakes and other natural disasters, and even terrorist activity, and explosions. Meanwhile, the specially designed tint offers built-in solar control so you can increase your energy savings even as you protect your property.